selected quotations

have you ever heard arnold schoenberg on crack?
kreuzer, leipzig

scientists have found that this will keep your brain fresh.
ulf krüger, sächsische zeitung

heavy without being a drag, intense without a big mouth.
dietmar dath, spex D

when was the last time you had fun following the development of a band?
michele avantario, szene hamburg

ALBOTH! is from another planet. while some work on their image as hellrockers ALBOTH! stands far beyond such categories.
sven montanus, münchner merkur

ALBOTH! is a interjection, a cry of desire.
anreas hartmann, tip berlin

the song KIRKPINAR on ECCO LA FIERA is an unusual vocal duet in musichistory.
martin pesch, taz D

and once again a new ALBOTH! recording reaching the unbelievable.
andreas schnell, intro D

ECCO LA FIERA has it's own peculiarity. dense atmosphere, cryptic force,and a long lasting tension.
neue zürcher zeitung

the music of ALBOTH! is made of complicated, precise thought through compositions. despite it's intellectual character it goes strait to the guts.
marko lethinen, basler zeitung

on pourrait dire que ALBOTH! est aujourd'hui véritablement né.
éric loiseau, presto F

c'est certainement l'un des combos les plus terrifiants de la vieille europe.
frank frejnik, rock sound F

genialità compositiva, impressionati, imprevedibili, superiori... queste le solite (e scusate se è poco) parole che si debbono utilizzare quando ci si trova al cospetto degli ALBOTH!
roberto michieletto, vida, italia

qui aurait pu penser qu'il faudrait un jour tendre l'oreille pour écouter ALBOTH! ?
d.b., feardrop, france

ce groupe à la croisée des chemins n'en finit pas d'avancer à pas de géant,
sa boussole pointant fixement le futur des musiques novatrices
philippe robert, vibrations, france

AMOR FATI, la musique de la ville, en tout cas la meilleure réponse européenne au nouveau rock progressif américain
furia 7, france

ALBOTH! have got swing - a swing that tastes of oil and rust
christian buss, rolling stone, germany

they are way, way out in a universe where no one can hear you scream
jason pettigrew, alternative press, usa

the most ingenious album of all times
diedrich diederichsen, spex, germany

have i ever heard anything bad as this ? have i ever claimed that an air hammer makes a hell of a noise ?
manfred thomaser, subline, germany